Review: Supernatural Season 11, Episode 14: The Vessel

So, I guess this is Supernatural’s answer to Titanic, huh? All it needed was a rendition of “My Heart Will Go On.” (Although, that might have been incongruous with a divine underwater explosion.)

Seriously though, this was a pretty sad episode. It was tragic that those men and Delphine died on that submarine for basically no reason. None of those soldiers asked to be involved in a cosmic, divine war, and Delphine was basically just following orders. And, now that we know that the Hand of God isn’t useful anymore, it seems like their sacrifice was kind of a waste. (At least they killed the Thule though; I really hate those guys).

I mean, I think the Hand of God isn’t useful anymore. We only have Lucifer’s word for it, and maybe God’s power wouldn’t work for him anyway. I hope that the boys find a way to use the Ark of the Covenant later on; it seems like this episode would be kind of a waste if they didn’t. (Although, I’m also not keen to see Sam or Dean absorbed by the awesome power of God, so maybe someone else should do the using).

I suppose the biggest revelation of this episode was that Sam and Dean now know that Cas is Lucifer. Cassifer, as he is known. It’s also a relief to know that Cas is, in fact, still there inside Lucifer. He hasn’t been obliterated by devil power. I don’t think we’ve ever seen an angel possess another angel, so who knows what could have happened!

Back to Lucifer though.

I was actually impressed by how long he had Sam and Dean (mostly Sam) fooled. He didn’t play Cas perfectly (let’s keep it real, he didn’t act like he cared enough), but he certainly got the voice and mannerisms down pat! It was also kind of cute that Lucifer bothered to deceive them because, as he mentioned, he didn’t really need to.

As horrible as he is, Lucifer is a fun character. He’s zany. Plus, he makes good jokes and is charming if you look past the whole “I tortured Sam in the cage thing.” He’s not my favorite devil out of all the pop culture iterations of Lucifer (my fav is Cinderella’s cat), but he’s certainly up there!

I cannot, however, stand for what he did to Crowley! Keeping the King of Hell in a cage is just wrong! No one put Crowley in a corner. (Although, let’s be real, it seems like something Crowley would happily do to someone else). Their whole master and dog thing reminded me of Ramsey Bolton and Reek in Game of Thrones. Only, this was less disturbing. And Reek didn’t get to wear a Hawaiian shirt. I applaud Lucifer for his fashion sense.

Rating: 7/10


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