Review: Supernatural Season 11, Episode 12: Don't You Forget About Me

Now this was a good episode! In fact, it was the best episode of Supernatural that I’ve seen in a long time. It was just such a joy to see the Winchesters spending time with Jody, Claire, and Alex. If the boys have any family left, it’s the three of them! The entire episode was very emotionally satisfying.

It was so just refreshing to see a family dynamic that doesn’t just involve the two brothers picking at each other. Instead, we got to see high school drama, argumentative teenagers, and an exhausted parent (I guess Sam and Dean are the fun uncles in this situation). Like I said, it’s refreshing!

It was so fun (and also a little annoying) to see Claire and Alex argue over high school teen drama and boyfriends. It reminded me of the YA books and TV shows that I used to watch as a kid. Plus, I love seeing Jody play the mom. I love her and what she’s doing for Alex and Claire. She really is the Supernatural MVP!

In terms of the actual mystery, I thought this episode was pretty good. I guessed pretty early on in the episode that it had something to do with the vampires in Alex’s past. However, that didn’t lessen my enjoyment of the show. It was a nice little case for the Winchesters! It was upsetting to see Jody and Claire get beat up, but Claire was also a warrior. I was proud of her!

I also really liked that this episode didn’t really involve Amara or the main plot of the season. As I’ve said before, I enjoy the occasional “monster of the week” episode, but I especially enjoyed this episode because we got to spend so much time with characters that we don’t ordinarily see. In my opinion, this is the best episode of season eleven so far. It was a gem!

So, I guess what I’m saying is I love all these characters and I love the bizarre supernatural family they form. It’s super fun! (Not to mention, I loved Dean’s obsession with Jody’s cooking. A chicken that’s shaped like a chicken, imagine that!)

Rating: 10/10


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