Review: Supernatural Season 11, Episode 10: The Devil in the Details

Who would have thought that the devil could be so persuasive? 

I mean, I guess they call him the Prince of Lies for a reason, but I was surprised by how reasonable and plausible some of his arguments were. He even had me believing him for half a second! I guess that’s because every good lie has a grain of truth. And, Lucifer was correct about a lot of the things that he said. The worst thing that Sam ever did was not looking for Dean after he went to purgatory, and Sam has been guilty of a lot of selfishness and bad decisions. Lucifer was very smart to take that approach with Sam; it was much more likely to work than torture. 

However, that doesn’t mean that letting Lucifer in was the correct thing to do. I’m very, very, VERY glad that Sam had the willpower and strength to say no to Lucifer. However, I’m very surprised that Cas was stupid enough to say yes to him. He should know better!

I’m guessing that what Ambriel said about being expendable got to him. All the same, I think that Cas should know better than to believe the devil! Also, what happens when an angel gets possessed by another angel? Is Cas even still in his body? Can Jimmy’s vessel hold both of them? I don’t know! But, I’m really afraid to find out.

Speaking of Lucifer, I’m not convinced that he’ll be able to handle Amara. Sure, he might be able to help a bit, but then he’ll bring on the Apocalypse, and we’ve seen how that goes down! Also, Amara was smited by Heaven. If that didn’t kill her, nothing will! 

We should also talk about Rowena. I’m really and truly upset about her death. I absolutely adore Rowena (or I guess I should say that I adored her), and the show is going to be darker and less fun without her. If I didn’t hate Lucifer before, I certainly hate him now! Rowena had the best and funniest dreams of anyone on the show! I’ll always remember Crowley in his footie pajamas and Lucifer in the Santa suit. 

Rating: 8/10


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